Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Telescope Images High Resolution

The Hubble Telescope Launch.

On April 24th 1990 NASA launched an instrument destined to provide us a view of the universe and the place in it. Conceived early in the 1940s and eventually built in the 80’s: The Hubble Space Telescope.

Designed alongside the Space Shuttle these two programs would forever be entwined. The Hubble took full advantage of the shuttle’s capabilities. Linking Hubble to the Space Shuttle would later proved to be vital to the new Space Telescope. Designing it to work with the Shuttle meant that Hubble could be improved and repaired and allowed it become the longest lived instrument in orbit. Two days after launch Hubble was placed into orbit and the most powerful Telescope ever built came to life.

HelloWorld repair mission

Soon after its first images were sent to earth it quickly became apparent Hubble had a problem. And as the engineering team worked tirelessly to fix it astronomers got to work using Hubble to study the cosmos. In spite of its difficulties Hubble was still able to do important science. A repair-mission the first of four over Hubble’s lifetime was planned. After the work of thousands of dedicated people, years of preparation, training, and seven brave astronauts, Hubble was repaired. Hubble was now poised to make some of the most groundbreaking astronomical observations in history.

Hubble Orbit

Even in the hunt for life Hubble has led the field in being the first to directly image a planet outside our tiny neighborhood. Through the work of Hubble and other telescopes, astronomers believe there are one in a half times as many planets than stars in the Milky Way.

James Webb Space Telescope: The Next Great Observatory

Picturing space the true way.

Before Hubble we had no idea there were galaxies everywhere you looked. A hundred billion galaxies, with each galaxy containing hundreds of billions of stars and likely trillions of new worlds. In 2018 the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched and work alongside Hubble looking farther back in time and more clearly through space then ever before.

Hubble Telescope Images High Resolution